Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Power

There are working dogs that herd sheep and cows. But there is also a very cool piece of equipment called Dog Power.

Animals have been used on farms worldwide for millenniums. Horses, mules, donkeys and oxen were by far, the favorite species for most animal powered equipment. However, tucked away in American small farm heritage is a contraption that harnessed the power of the dog.

This rare but useful piece of equipment, known as the "dog power" allowed the family dog to earn its keep around the farm. The dog power was invented to help with daily chores like pumping water from a well, washing clothes, separating cream from milk and churning butter. Think of the dog power as a "doggy treadmill" that converts the dog's walking motion to power the equipment.

Maybe it is time to bring back this contraption?!

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