Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Youngest Veterinarian

Courtney, who lives in Washington, says she has loved animals since “the day I was born.” She decided she wanted to be a vet when she was seven. “I was fascinated when we took our animals to the vet. I would be in the waiting room and I would see the vet take the animal behind the door, and then when he came back he was better. It was like magic. So I started asking lots of questions.”

Her mother said that she had been bothering the Vet since she was about seven, and began volunteering at age ten. According to Washington State law she must be twelve to volunteer without a parent present.

At age ten, Courtney completed an online course and was certified as a veterinary assistant. It is an online course and they mail you all your books. For her 'Field Practices,' she had to work in a sterile environment and practice with the Vet. Once the course studies were done, she had to take tests online and those were graded.

Courtney Oliver has already passed her first exams on her route to becoming a vet and plans to start taking college courses this year.

She is practicing at South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Olympia, Washington, and Dr. Michelle Shoemaker has been Courtney's mentor. This is our Vet and I hope to meet Courtney someday.

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