Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Water Bottles?

Why do dogs love to chew on empty water bottles? It's the crunching sound. It can give people goose bumps but dogs just love it!

Whether they are given the empty bottle as a toy or they fish it out of the recycling bin, puppies and adult dogs alike seem to love these crinkly, crunchy "toys". Filled with water or kibble, pre-crunched or just as they are, plastic bottles are a big hit.

Here's the good news. Water bottles are readily available, inexpensive, and easy to replace (no trips to the pet store required!), making them a necessity for many dog owners. I've known several dogs whose owners tried giving their dogs bones, stuffed toys and balls only to have their pets come back time and time again to play with the water bottle.

Now, here's the bad news. Water bottles aren't always safe for dogs to play with - but they can be. All you have to do is take a few precautions.

Before giving a water bottle to your dog, always remove the cap and label as well as the small plastic ring which secures the cap. A pair of small scissors can be used to snip off the latter if you cannot easily remove it on your own. As with any dog toy, it is important to supervise play and regularly inspect water bottles for damage to avoid the ingestion of plastic or damage from sharp edges. When the plastic breaks down, the sharp edges can cut your dog's mouth.

Several dog toy companies have taken note of the growing water bottle craze and incorporated water bottles into their products.

Check out the Crunchy Monkey.

Ebony likes these Bottle Crunchers.


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  2. Hi Hans,


    Enjoyed visiting your website. You have great selections for dog owners.

  3. My sisters dog have so many dog toys but she loves empty water bottles more than anything. She will play with the same water bottle for hours on end. But the best part about it is she doesn't eat a single piece. She will rip it apart and leave all the pieces behind. She is always supervised when she has a bottle tho.

  4. We discovered that our 3 year old cockapoo loves water bottles. We'll put a little of his dog food in it and he runs around trying to figure out how to get at it! Very good mental stimulation.

  5. Does it matter if the bottle gas a color? Like those green mountain dew bottles, is that harmful to my dog? Does it contain chemicals that could make her sick?

  6. Hi Thijs,

    I would research to find out. That is why I bought the cloth toy to cover the bottle.