Monday, April 12, 2010

If Your Dog Could Talk

Do you ever wonder what your dog would say if he could talk? Do you ever wonder what’s on his mind when he looks up at you with that plaintive expression and those big, warm, brown eyes?

You could be in for a surprise. I am going to guess you would find out that it is you who needs the training more than your dog! We humans do a lot of things that leave dogs puzzled.

According to Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, treating your dog like a child is one way to wreck your relationship.

We all know those houses, right? The ones with the framed pictures of Spot all over the walls. His name embroidered on all of his pillows and emblazoned on toys of every kind, scattered from kitchen to bedroom to bath. Spot's owner never stops obsessing over him as though he were a one-year-old. You can see how the human starts to get confused sometimes and starts thinking that Spot is a child — but of course Spot is under no illusions at all. He is a dog, and he wants to behave like a dog — that is in his DNA. Like all dogs, he wants to run, he loves to chase things, and he wants to use his nose to track. Your “baby” is also a pack animal and needs the structure and discipline in his life to feel fulfilled and not become frustrated.

There is nothing wrong with showing your dog love, but remember,Cesar recommends: first exercise, then discipline, and finally affection.

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