Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dogs Running With Objects

My dog Ebony loves to play with large sticks since she was a puppy. Then, the sticks were bigger than she was. Long, big sticks remain a favorite play toy for her.

As a Mother, I am always nervous about kids running with objects. I recall the "Don't run with scissors" from my childhood. Suckers sticking out of children's mouth are the worst. Children move from one interesting thing to another so quickly they forget about the sucker they are enjoying.

Which brings me to Ebony's antics. At times she grabs the end of her big stick and starts running extremely fast. It is rather humorous, but I worry that she will bump the stick into something and, ouch!

Here she is at Tolmie State Park racing around the beach having a GREAT time with a large stick in her mouth.

SCARY! Thankfully no emergency run to the Vet.


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