Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clever Dog

This morning as I was skating along the Chehalis Western Train with my dog, I learned how clever dogs can be.

Each morning I pass a group of three people with their three dogs none of which are on a leash. I find that people on the trail seem to be very respectful of others when their dog is not on a leash.

My dog, Ebony, is intimidated by any dog larger that herself; fifty pounds. She use to like all dogs until the day she was attacked by a large dog. That changed her dog preference. All three dogs on the trail were a bit bigger than Ebony and running the gauntlet has been a challenge for her. Appearing scared with her tail between her legs, she tries to creep by them and relies on her speed to remove herself from the pack.

As I approached the group this morning, I noticed Ebony was not at my side or following behind me. Then, I saw this black streak running the horse trail in the woods which parallels the trail. She dropped back on to the trail ahead of the group of people and dogs.

Amazing.....what a clever dog to figure this out!

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