Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dogs and Squeaky Toys

Dogs just love toys that squeak. Some dogs will go crazy for their squeaky toys until they actually chew them up and pull out the squeaker. After the toy no longer squeaks - they no longer want to play with it. This is common.

So why do dogs like toys that squeak?

The theory goes back to nature. When dogs hunted for prey, they would hunt and kill. Their prey would squeak or make noises, which allowed the dogs to find their prey. This was part of their natural hunting instinct. Once caught, the prey makes noises as they proceed with the kill, which can be very satisfying to a hungry dog.

A squeaky toy can give a dog the same type of satisfaction.

In addition, toys gives dogs interaction that stimulates their mind, keeps them busy and satisfies their chewing instinct.

If you give your dogs squeaky toys, it is important that the toys are durable. Ingestion of toy parts, including the squeaker, can cause life-threatening situations if dogs ingest them.

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