Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yellow Dog

Many dogs behave “badly” when approached by humans or other dogs while on a leash. But it is not necessarily because they are “mean” dogs, nor even due to one thing! It is not just dogs that are timid or aggressive which have issues on walks. Some dogs are old or have health issues such as hearing loss which make them wary of strangers. Whatever is causing your dog’s difficulty with walk time, it is hard to communicate that information quickly and politely to others. That is where the Yellow Dog Project comes in.

The Yellow Dog Project is an initiative to help inform people about dogs who for any reason should not be approached while they are on the leash. Is your dog in training, and trying to focus? Is your dog afraid of children? Do you just not want to be interrupted on your daily walks? How do you let people know, in a polite way, that you prefer they stay away? It is simple: you tie a yellow ribbon to the leash of your pet while you are walking them. People can see this signal from a distance and know at a glance not to approach your pooch.

This fantastic idea has helped many animals and people feel more confident and safe while out in their communities. It can help many more too! Do you know a doggy who needs a little space? Share the news with their owners! Spread the word that a yellow ribbon means "give me space!"

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