Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chew This!

Brushing your dog's teeth can be a challenge. Why not let your dog clean its own teeth?

Sounds to good to be true? Check this out....

With the Hugs Chew Core Plague Removing Toy, your dog can actually play his way to better dental health. Because with every bite of this apple, the soft rubber tines will massage your dog’s gums and remove dangerous plaque from his teeth.

The Hugs Chew Core toy is doggie-tested and veterinarian-approved to satisfy a dog’s instinctive desire to chew.

The key benefits include:

* Durable, soft rubber tines remove plaque
* Gently massages gums and strengthens jaws
* Safely satisfies a dog’s desire to chew
* Recommended for dogs 25 lbs. and up

Now your dog can have fun and
fight dental disease at the same time.

I am getting one for my dog!

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