Monday, April 9, 2012


Flyball is the sport of running, jumping, and catching a ball.

Dog fun at its best!

Flyball consists of two four-dog teams that race along two 51-foot lanes. The first dog from each team runs down the lane, clearing four jumps along the way, then pounces on an angled wooden box to release a ball. The dog catches the ball and runs back over the jumps with it. The dog's teammate takes off, repeating the a relay race.....until all four dogs have gone. The team finishing first wins the heat, and several heats make up one race.

If you think agility is too complicated or requires too much running on your part, flyball may be the perfect sport for you and your dog. The Canine team members' handlers stand at one end of the course; they do not make the run from the starting line to the box that releases the tennis ball.

Your dog does not need to be an athlete to participate. The North American Flyball Association maintains a team locator that can connect you with any of its 375 registered clubs. At the website, click on the left column, "Find a team in my area," then click on "Flyball Locator".

Most teams let anybody join if they want to, but there are some extremely competitive teams that do not accept new members.

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