Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog Photography At Its Best

A photo of your dog is a prized possession, right?

Getting the right pose can a times be frustrating. Why not try some natural photos instead.

Here are some ideas:

Sweet Dreams: A dog lost in the world of dreams makes for an innocent and peaceful photo. Try a close up where her face fill the frame.

What's That?: Most dogs tip their heads to the side when they hear an unusual sound or when their masters ask questions in an exaggerated way. Find out what triggers your dog's head cock and then use it in a cute head shot.

Snack Time: Give a favorite, long-lasting chew to your dog. Once your dog is happily working on it, ease yourself down to dog level and capture the happiness.

Perfect Day: Next time your dog lounges outdoors and a perfect afternoon, gram your camera. Snap her as she snoozes in the sun, raises her nose to a scent, or rolls happily in the grass.

Once you get used to photographing your dog acting naturally, more ideas will come to you. With today's digital cameras, you can keep snapping photos until you get the one you like best. And if not, try again another day!

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