Friday, April 6, 2012

Dog Truckin'

Since 2005, our nation's truck drivers have transported more than 600 homeward-bound pets in the cabs of their trucks according to Operation Roger.

Operation Roger of Joshua, Texas has coordinated the transportation of rescue dogs with the regional and long-haul truck drivers. The truckers provide a much needed ride and the dogs offer companionship and sometimes protection.

The nonprofit group got its start in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when its founder, then truck driver Sue Wiese, scanned the radio listening for reports on the pets left behind in the rising flood waters.

Some of the truckers grow attached to their passengers by the time they reach their destination and end up adopting the dog.

In Southern California, Musical Truckin' Dogs Adoption Program was started by country singer Susanne Spirit. She matches up rescues and road warriors. The group even supplies the rig-driving adopters with donated care packages which contain everything they need for a week-plus road trip.

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