Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spin Trick

Are you the dog owner who likes to teach dog tricks?

Can your dog spin circles on command?

Both ways?

How to teach Spin/turn to your dog:

1. Show your dog a treat, then move it to the side and toward its hip. When you dog turns its head, even a little, to follow the treat, say "yes" and reward with the treat.

2. Lure your dog toward its hip with another treat, encouraging the dog to follow. Reward your dog when it follows the treat. Your hand movement, while luring with treats, will become a hand signal to turn that direction.

3. Repeat, encouraging your dog to turn a little farther each time, and reward your dog the farther it goes. When your dog turns in a full circle, reward with a jackpot of several treats.

4. Now begin the process again, teaching your dog to turn the other direction. Say the cue word, "Spin," as you lure the dog in one direction. Say, "Turn," when you lure in the other direction.

5. When your dog readily follows the treat, turning in either direction, phase out the lure by making the same hand motion - but without holding the treat. When your dog turns following your lure-less hand motion, reward!

Try this trick as a limbering exercise or just for fun. Maybe your dog can learn to wipe off its feet by spinning and turning on a doormat or towel? Have fun!

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