Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beyond Squeak

Dogs go crazy for toys that have noisemakers and the distinctive "squeak" that they provide. Eventually, even a favored squeaker can get boring after a while.

Providing your dog with a wide variety of toys is really important. Dogs rely on us for their entertainment and they cannot go buy new toys when they are bored with their old ones. Often you do not know that they are bored until they find a way to let you know...usually by channeling their energy in inappropriate ways like chewing or destroying household items.

Some creative soul came up with an alternative to the squeaky toy for dogs. Deedle Dudes are adorable toys that sing, babble, talk, and chirp their way into your dog's heart. The stuffed toy is made extra-soft for those dogs who love to snuggle. Inside each Deedle Dude is a novel noisemaker that will provide your dog with the mental stimulation necessary for good health.

Deedle Dudes Singing Monkey and Singing Shark have a lot of personality.

Beware, you might get their silly songs stuck in your head!

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