Thursday, March 22, 2012

Energetic Dogs

Energetic dogs are so much fun to watch.

You can tell they really enjoy life.

Living with one can be exhausting at times though. Trying to entertain a ball of energy 24 hours a day is a really big task.

I want to share some tips for those of you with "busy bee" dogs. Hopefully they can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of this type of canine personality so you can focus on having fun with your dog.

Ideas for dealing with energetic dogs.

Training: A beginner's obedience class can teach both you and your dog good ways to focus all that energy. Very excitable dogs are more prone to inappropriate behaviors such as jumping or running into the street, both of which can be very dangerous. Many dogs with high energy levels love having a "job" to do.

Exercise: Dogs get anxious and uncomfortable when they cannot exercise enough and they will find new ways to use that energy. Give them ample opportunities to work their muscles and exercise. Simply tying their leash to a stake or dog run is not enough. Taking 20 minutes twice a day for a brisk walk around the block is a great way to encourage more activity in both of your lives.

Environment: Is your dog "energetic" or is he actually just anxious? Sometimes dogs will react nervously around areas which are very noisy, include unsettling sounds like sirens, or contain other animals. Simple separation anxiety can manifest in the kind of bouncing-off-the-walls behavior commonly dismissed as "energy." Consider whether your dog's environment could have something to do with their habits.

Age: If your dog is younger than 2, they might be the dog equivalent of a teenager and have extra energy to burn. Have patience with them; they are still growing up!

Boredom: Yes, dogs get bored too. When your dog simply will not leave you alone long enough to cook dinner or watch TV, try distracting them with a tough puzzle toy that has a secret compartment for treats or kibble.

There is nothing like the smile on a happy dog's face paired with a wagging tail. Happy, energetic dogs are fun and living with one can pose some unique challenges, but that is all part of the reason we love them.

I hope these tips were helpful.

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