Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday's blog I shared a oouple of stories about my dear dog, Lacey.

I came across a couple of websites which have some helpful information regarding mourning the loss of a pet.

You can add your dog's name to the "Monday Night Candle Ceremony" held weekly at or These beautiful and touching sites allow visitors to add their own pets' names and, if they choose, write some special words about their pets. During each weekly ceremony on is a reading of The Rainbow Bridge, a poem about pets who have crossed over the rainbow and await the coming of those who have cared for them.

The human-animal bond is strong, sometimes as strong as any you may have with a person. When an animal companion dies, it can be just as heartbreaking as the death of a human loved one. Unfortunately, animal lovers are often met with insensitive comments, such as, "It was only a dog," or "Just get another one" when a dog companion dies. The dog's caregiver is left to mourn in private or get emotional support from strangers who might staff pet-loss support lines.

Fortunately on these websites you can find help and support.
I wish you had the option to turn off the music.

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