Monday, December 6, 2010

Dog's Mental Health

Are you giving your dog the gift of mental health?

It is important that your dog's mind stays in shape.

Domestic dogs are descended from gray wolves, and you can still sometimes see your dog exercising some of their wild instincts. The desire to chew on bones, dig to bury food or find a cool spot to rest, tug or roughhouse these behaviors likely served your dog's ancestors well. Today's dogs live differently with most of their needs provided for, but these instincts have not disappeared.

A dog that no longer has to worry about hunting food, running from predators, and defending its territory from intruders has a longer life expectancy - but fewer things to keep him busy. Without a way to exercise his natural instincts, a dog is likely to express frustration and boredom or he may decide to make his own "entertainment". This can lead to unwanted behaviors.

When it comes to improving your dog's mental health, a few changes can make a huge difference. Gift your dog with toys that challenges his mental abilities. There are several toys that challenge your dog's problem solving skills, toys that make crunching sounds or squeak, and super tough chewing toys.

Give your dog the gift of mental health.

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