Friday, December 3, 2010

Music For Your Pet This Holiday

Reduce holiday stress in your home.

A CD to play when your pets are home alone – or anytime they need to relax.

Tom Nazziola from Disney’s Baby Einstein, the highly acclaimed children’s music series, has created another CD for pets. Celebrate the holidays with his new Holiday Treats CD. This beautiful collection of holiday music was created using the same proven pet relaxation techniques that he used in his Music My Pet CD.

Specifically designed as a relaxation tool for pets, the Music My Pet CD follows the findings of recent pet anxiety studies to create beautiful music that soothes dogs, cats and other household pets. It uses only those core musical elements that were proven to have a calming effect on pets. Music My Pet has gotten rave reviews from pet industry experts and many satisfied pet owners.

Holiday Treats exquisite music will fill your home and your heart with a warm, magical holiday feeling of pure delight. Its calm, soothing dynamic will help calm your stressed-out pets (and you!).

So grab a cup of hot cocoa, curl up with your pet and relax to the soothing seasonal melodies you know and love.

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