Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ebony and the UPS Truck

My dog Ebony was first introduced to the UPS Truck by our neighbor's border collie, Emma, who thought the truck was an object to be chased. Ebony is part border collie and part black lab, so the two of them were seized with excitement to have the job of chasing the UPS Truck down the driveway. Unless I was home, they fulfilled their job.

Moving away, I was glad this job no longer fell to Ebony. She now resides behind an in-ground fence and does not have access to the driveway. Recently, the UPS Truck arrived and I found my dog sitting patiently, tail swishing the ground, next to the garage in anticipation of the truck. When the gentleman handed me my package, he also tossed Ebony a treat. He told me that she use to bark at the truck. Now, she eats out of his hand.

This morning as Ebony and I walked the Chehalis Western Trail in Olympia, Washington, the UPS Truck was traveling alongside the trail to an adjacent house. Ebony noticed! She went to the fence that separated the trail from the neighboring property and did her patient sit, tail wagging. As the UPS driver passed by Ebony on his way out, he stopped to give Ebony a treat!

Now I ask you, who is trained?

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