Friday, August 7, 2009

Dog Toys

Dog toys aren't a "luxury." They're vital to your dog's physical and emotional health. They help him burn off excess energy and keep his mind sharp. They keep him from becoming bored or depressed. They even help relieve his separation anxiety.

There are toys to chew, toys to fetch, toys to cuddle and toys to tug. There are toys that challenge your dog's creativity and exercise his mind. But with so many different kinds of toys to choose from, how will you know which toy is right for your dog?

First, it's got to hold his interest. Otherwise it will end up lying around the house with all those other toys he doesn't play with. It's also got to be durability. If a toy isn't tough enough to withstand your dog's active play, he'll quickly destroy it. In either case, that toy ends up being nothing more than a waste of your good money.

So, with so many dog toys on the market today, how do you find the right toy for your dog?

First of all, don't let all those options overwhelm you. You can easily narrow down the playing field by asking yourself three simple questions:

1. Will this toy entertain my dog?
2. Will it hold up to my dog's active play?
3. Is this toy safe?

If you can answer "yes" to all three of these questions, you've got a winner.


  1. Great post! Betsy, The Farm Dog, says "A Dog Can NEVER Have Too Many Dog Toys!" This is a great way to select quality toys for your dog.

  2. Hi Candy,

    Thanks, appreciate your comment.

    Betsy definitely knows best!