Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doggie Ears

No, not sugary and sweet like elephant ears.

Doggie ears need attention too.

I recently picked up the fall copy of Virginia Maryland Dog magazine and read an interesting article on the health of doggie ears. Besides having interesting articles, this magazine features a dog on its cover each issue that is up for adoption at Baywater Animal Rescue, a NO Kill animal shelter. Inside the magazine you can read about the cover dog.

The fact that I learned was that the dark, brownish-black substance that smells like yeast on the dog's ear is NOT normal ear wax. It is NOT dirty ears or waxy buildup. It is an infection called Malassezia. Just cleaning this off the outside of your dog's ear canal will not take care of it because the ear canal is very long and makes a turn. The article talks about how to take care of this infection, so be sure to read about it and other ways to keep your doggie's ears healthy.

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