Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Song About A Dog

Tessie Mae was a stray at the Charlottesville, Virginia SPCA. She was adopted by Robin and Linda Williams, talented bluegrass musicians. They wrote a song praising the charms of their rescue dog. Listen......

If you have challenges with the words, here are the lyrics:

You’re an angel and a little sneak
A sweetheart with a stubborn streak
Good at following your nose
Out any door that wasn't closed
You're July and January
Sunny bright and contrary
Used to doing as you pleased
Back before you sidled up to me

Hey, Hey your straying days
Are over Tessie Mae
Hey, Hey sit and stay
Don't turn your head away
Your straying days are over
Tessie Mae

You're five pounds of sugar in a two pound sack
You stole my heart, I don't want it back
You’re a tease and you’re a flirt
But I don't get my feelings hurt
When you go prancing up the street
White socks on your little feet
And wag your tail, that curlicue
Strangers drop to do the coochie coo


I'd like to go and see Levon
And tell him that her name is wrong
That Bessie girl he once knew
Tessie she sure sounds like you
But Levon had you pegged it seems
Cause Tessie, you're a drunkards dream
You mend me when I spring a leak
You defend me I don’t have to speak


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