Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unusual Cleaning Tips

Although vinegar remains the most versatile and green of cleaning solutions, here are several ideas for doggie hair and odors.

Throw a few feet of cheap nylon netting in the dryer with your clothes and bedding. It grabs all of the pet hair. Shake it out and reuse.

A great way to recycle dog hair is composting.

When your dog pulls the stuffing out of her toy, do not throw it away. Put it out in the yard for nesting material for birds and small animals.

Add a few drops of organic essential oil (lavender, peppermint, vanilla) to a cotton ball and suck it up with the vacuum. The cotton ball will give the carpet and room a nice, soothing smell with each vacuum.

Wear rubber glove and run your hands over the furniture. Pet fur comes right up. Or, wet your hands and rub them along the furniture. Continue re-wetting your hands as they dry and removing the accumulated fur.

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