Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Idea on Dog Training

Here is another dog training idea to correct unwanted behavior:


Noise can be a powerful deterrent. Snakes and geese use hissing sounds to scare predators away. Other animals (including domestic pets) have an instinctive sensitivity to this hissing sound – when they hear it, they stop dead in their tracks.

The Corrector™ is a favorite behavioral product in Europe, and now it is available for American dog owners. It uses that natural hissing sound as a training tool that can stop problem behaviors

The Pet Corrector is an aerosol can that emits a blast of compressed air – and like a snake’s hiss, that unwelcome “hiss” of air will interrupt your dog’s undesirable behavior.

It is really easy to use. Just spray the Pet Corrector near your dog when it does an undesirable behavior. It will automatically disrupt the cycle if used repeatedly and consistently while it sends a message to your dog that his actions are not acceptable. Once your dog complies, reward him by saying “Good dog” and you might also give him a treat in the beginning.

Here it is in action....

It is inexpensive and might be something to try first in dog training for unwanted behaviors.

If this training tool is not effective, try one of these collars at Training Collar Source that are proven safe, and highly effective.

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