Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Chase Is On.....

Did you ever wonder why dogs like the game of chase?

My dog, Ebony, will do whatever she can to get another dog to chase her. It is her favorite game. But she also likes to chase the cats, which DO NOT want to play and scatter out of sight.

Dogs chase cars for the same reasons they chase kids on bikes, cats, small animals and other dogs...they are either playing a game or they are hunting.

To some degree, chasing involves a dog's natural prey drive. In most socialized, well-adjusted dogs, the prey drive expresses itself as a canine tag game in which the dogs take turns being "it." The object is not necessarily to catch the other dog; the real fun is just running around.

Chasing balls or Frisbees is another good outlet for dogs' prey drive. Do you know a dog who is obsessed by chasing balls?

Here is Brinkley who must have two ball with him at all times. Who knows who will be the next softy to throw one of his balls?!

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