Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prison Dog Program

In Washington in 1981 Sister Pauline Quinn help start the first prison dog program in the nation. The prisoners help train shelter dogs for adoption and service.

Sister Pauline Quinn had a very difficult life as a youngster until she developed a relationship with a dog. That is when her life changed dramatically.

Her original prison dog program, at Washington State Correction Center for Women, now trains 60 dogs a year, and many of them get advanced training to become Service Dogs and Seizure-Alert Dogs, changing the lives of those who need assistance. Equally important, the prison says that in the past three years 100 percent of the inmates in the program who have been release have found jobs.

Now there are prison dog programs all over the world. Stopping recidivism, ending the cycle, is one of the programs main goals.

Learn more about Pathways to Hope, see available dogs, and find out how you can help through this link.

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