Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Travel Trend

Travelers can be provided with dogs for companionship while staying at certain hotels. It is one way to meet people and also to be alone without being lonely.

At the Bedford Hotel in San Francisco, for many years Bill Kimpton has been visiting every day with his Collie Chianti. It has prompted about 15 hotels in the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant chain to keep well-trained dogs on staff. The dogs (many are rescue dogs) live full-time with employees who bring them to work each day. The dogs welcome guests with their enthusiastic wag, help the concierge make suggestions for pet-friendly spots, host the complimentary evening wine hour, sniff our potential pet amenities and services, and make guest appearances. Other hotels known to have dogs on staff include the Fairmont and Ritz-Carlton.

The Aspen Animal Shelter has run a very popular rent-a-dog program where tourists pick a dog to take with them around town or on trails. This program is about 10 years old and is FREE. Sometimes the dog even gets adopted!

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