Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Natural Animal Health Product

Today, I learned from a reader's comment about a natural health product which would keep a dog from licking a wound.

Unfortunately, you can only buy it from certain veterinarians, but the website will find one for you when you insert your zip code.

The product is called LickGuard

There is an increasing trend in the animal health industry toward using natural alternatives in place of synthetic products. This trend has been in response to an increased awareness of issues such as antibiotic resistance, drug residues, and overall environmental impact. According to Van Beek who manufactures LickGuard, naturally-based products are safe for livestock and companion animals and help improve their health and performance. They use the best available ingredients from around the world when formulating products to be sure that the full benefits desired from the ingredients are realized in the final product.

Yes, no more cone collars!

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