Monday, February 7, 2011

Dog Owie

Did you know that "owie" is not in the dictionary? Owie has been coined in the Urban Dictionary as "A word commonly used by small children or infants to describe a wound."

I learned that a 2-year old successfully dialed 911 and got help for her mother, repeating the word OWIE. This word should be updated in the dictionary as one of many first words taught to toddlers.

Ebony could only let me know about her "owie" by constantly licking it. She tore her dewclaw nail exposing the quick. Now that must really hurt! She refused to tell me how it happened and gives me those sad eyes having to wear her clown collar.

She has already managed to chew off some of the bandage and I wonder what it will look like by morning.

We definitely will not be on the Trail for the next few days.

The veterinarian had to cut her nail off and the bandage is suppose to stay on for three days. We shall see!

Not a happy camper


  1. Aww.. poor girl. Next time you should try LickGuard... It's a Van Beek product that discourages licking and biting. Here is their website.. Although she is has such an adorably cute look with that collar!

  2. Hi Jason & amp & Amanda,

    Thanks for the information; I am sure readers will appreciate it.

    Yes, she is pretty cute with or without collar ;)