Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cesar's New Book

Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, has a new book, Cesar's Rules.

There is so much confusion about dog training out there -- what works, what doesn't, what's best, what does it even mean?

According to Cesar, training is about conditioning. He claims that what he does is not "training" in the traditional sense, but what he cares most about is "balance." That means fulfilling the instinctual needs of the dog. When a dog is balanced, training is much easier to perform.

The idea for Cesar's Rules came about because of this very thing. People say to him, "Cesar, will you train my dogs?" and he says, "I train people."

According to Cesar, in our society we don't always understand the needs of the dog --we humanize them and this can never lead to a balanced relationship.

Cesar's Rules is his first book about training. He addresses the various methods and theories, talks to other experts, and gives people a comprehensive guide to choose what works best for them.

Cesar believes that the most important aspect is that you feel comfortable. What makes you feel confident will help you feel calm and assertive, and step up as the pack leader. Dogs are learning all the time. They’re constantly making associations and taking in information from the world around them. To Cesar, reward-based training to rehabilitate a dog is not natural. But to train a dog, it’s the best method. As long as the dog’s needs are met, promoting positive behavior with rewards is just another way to establish trust between you and the dog.

Cesar says that once you have earned your dog's trust, respect, and loyalty, training will be that much easier. Your dog will look to you for protection and direction.

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