Monday, June 21, 2010

Water Safety for Dogs

Someone told me that all dogs can swim. That is not true.

Here are a few tips on water safety:

Pets can drown in lakes and pools, just like people. Even if your pet seems to want to keep playing fetch in the water, at some point you will need to take a break.

Older dogs tire more quickly, even if they are excellent swimmers. When the dog becomes exhausted, swimming and keeping his head above water becomes more difficult.

Be on the lookout for stagnant pools of water. At certain times of the year, algae forms along the edges of stagnant or infrequently used bodies of water. Some forms of this algae, particularly blue-green algae, are very dangerous. Ingesting some of the algae can cause serious, rapid illness that can kill pets.

Do not allow your pet to go near stagnant water or algae, and make sure he does not drink from these water sources.

I hope these water safety tips help keep your dog safe this summer.

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