Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Second Thought

Do you remember this previous post?

4 squeakers — 1 in each foot
Cawing mechanism in his tummy
Soft & cuddly but STRONG
Made to withstand chewing

He’s made with Chew Guard™ Technology, for extra tough protection against your dog’s teeth. Heavy-duty thread, double seaming and a super-tough liner will keep even tough chewers from tearing this toy apart. (It can withstand extremely high bite pressure and a pulling strength of up to 30 kg.)

This cute little lamb makes fun, engaging noises that will make your dog eager to play with him. He has a cawing sound mechanism in his tummy and 4 fun squeakers — one in each foot.

His baby-soft fleece feels soft and cuddly ... but inside, this little lamb is as tough as they get!

This is one TOUGH little lamb!

YES, this little lamb was a favorite of Ebony's

BUT, she out chewed the Chew Guard™ Technology!

The poor lamb is flat as a pancake!

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