Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dog Sitter DVD

Do you feel bad when you have to leave your dog home alone?

Dogs have very little to occupy their time while you're gone. (We're their entertainment.) Some dogs seem content to nap away their day while you're away. Other dogs have a much harder time coping with the situation when they're home all alone. These dogs can suffer from boredom, stress or separation anxiety.

If you haven't seen the Dog Sitter DVD yet, you really must check it out. It is amazing! This DVD was made especially for dogs, to entertain them for hours on end while you're away. It features lots of animals (birds, cats, squirrels, raccoons and more) outdoors in their natural environment. Your dog will think he's outside with his new friends joining in the fun.

Dogs just love this DVD. It keeps them actively entertained for hours on end. The stereo soundtrack even has some sounds that only your dog can hear. And once you find out which tracks are your dog's favorites, you can even personalize his viewing adventure using the continuous loop scene selection feature.

When your dog is stuck inside all alone, the Dog Sitter DVD can bring the outside world in. What a GREAT IDEA!

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