Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Different Trainers

Today I received a call from a customer regarding dog training.

He had just purchased an electronic training collar and anxiously awaits the delivery of the product. We talked about his dog. He then told me about the dog trainer that his veterinarian recommended.

Oh my gosh! It sounded abusive and he could not do anything to stop it. The trainer used a pinch collar and made the dog cry out. Then she actually smacked the dog trying to get it to fight back! The gentleman told me that he would NEVER do anything like that to a dog. He then proceeded to tell me this dog trainer had won awards for the dogs she trained. But we both wondered, "Is this a humane way to treat a dog?"

And people are a bit leery of using an electronic training collar because of hurting the dog. A small stimulation is nothing compared to the abuse the dog received under the disguise of "training."

This man was very upset about the treatment his dog received, and rightly so! He felt terrible, and told me that he could not even sleep last night. I felt that he really needed someone to talk to having gone through this experience with his dog. My "counselor" hat was put on.

Just a note to all pet owners to talk with dog trainers before subjecting your dog to training.

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