Friday, February 13, 2009

Gifts From My Dog

I was downstairs in my studio painting when my neighbor came by to share information about my dog. It reminded me about living in a small town where everyone knows exactly what you are doing.

My neighbor proceeded to tell me that she saw Ebony with a large rabbit in her mouth. Ebony is fast, but usually it is the baby rabbits that she can catch. I was amused by her story, but I was thinking how glad I was that Ebony did not sleep in my room as she usually has a bad case of gas after eating disgusting things. AND, I was NOT going to accept any kisses from her!

It is interesting that Ebony usually brings her treats home to eat and I find them. This is great because I can stop her from snacking and remove the carcass. I would not have known that she was in the creek catching salmon until she brought a huge spawner up to the house. Thankfully, I got her to the vet in time! I have not informed my landlord about the truth to the bad smell coming from the trash can.

My neighbor and I came out from the studio to look around, but no sign of Ebony. She has the freedom to roam the woods surrounding our properties. GREAT DOG LIFE! I returned to painting.

Just before dark, I left the studio and climbed the stairs to my home. To my surprise there was this huge dead rabbit on my doorstep.


Do you think Ebony is part cat?

I found this on the web just in time for Valentine's Day...........
Check it out:
The Kissable Toothbrush from the Cain & Able dental collection.

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