Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toy Selection

How do you choose the right toy for your dog?

Toys are not a luxury when it comes to your dog. They are an absolute necessity. They not only prevent boredom (and the negative behaviors that can arise when dogs are bored), they also stimulate their brains and trigger dogs' natural “play drive.”

Ebony likes soft, squeaky toys she can chew and toss in the air. What does your dog like?

When choosing safe and fun toys, you should consider the size of your dog, his or her activity level, breed, tendencies, and preferences.

In addition to being the right type of toy to suit your pet, your new toy needs to be safe as well as being durable and fun. Please keep in mind that no toy is truly indestructible but some are more durable and sturdier than others.

The best toys are often interactive. These types of toys allow both you AND your dog to play with the same toy together. Toys that present an element of surprise or give your dog's brain a workout are especially beneficial.

It is recommended that you should supervise your dog at play with any toys.

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