Saturday, January 15, 2011

Missed It!

Glancing at my 2011 dog calendar I noticed that yesterday was National Dress Up Your Pet Day. I did not notice any dogs on the Chehalis Western Trail here in Olympia, Washington wearing costumes. Did you see any costumed pets?

There are important things to consider before you dress up your pet.

For example:
1. Make sure your pet is comfortable. If he/she is "fighting" the costume or sweater -this can be very stressful.
2. Make sure he is not TOO hot. Pets can overheat.
3. Make sure there are no restrictive bands that can injure your pet.

Some pets like being dressed up and others HATE it. One great alternative that is also very cool is a bandanna. This is a fun way to dress up a pet that does not like to be dressed. Most dogs tolerate and even enjoy bandannas.

Ebony's bandanna says, "trouble" and was a gift from my son to her when she was a pup. She has not outgrown it!

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