Saturday, September 4, 2010

Unusual Application of Dog Shock Collar

As proprietor of Training Collar Source, I receive interesting e-mails. I get to learn about unusual behaviors of dogs and their masters.

When I received this e-mail, I thought this guy was joking.

"Hi - I'm in need of an alert system for my wife to call me around the place. She is temporarily an invalid and I don't hear well at all. Wondering if a small dog shock collar converted to a bracelet for me would work. Of course she'd be punished for using the thing frivolously! Ever hear of this application? Thanks."

I suggested the Lap Dog Collar because it was our smallest collar.

His next e-mail read......

"I'd like to do this. At least we'll set a precedent and see how it works. My daughters are threatening to arrange something sane and reasonable we can always fall back on.

So, I'd like to order: a small dog collar I can adapt to my wrist as a bracelet; range minimum of 150'; a bit of an instruction booklet; non-lethal; would like to have it asap; cost - I won't say money is no object, but anything reasonable under $100 will be ok.

Can you fix me up? Should I send you a check or ...?

What a story you will be able to tell your website!


We corresponded several times.
I really thought this guy was pulling my leg.
A few days later, he placed an order for the Lap Dog Collar.

Visualize this on a wrist

Follow up e-mail:

"Hi - Collar received all in order. Thanks. I fit it as a bracelet and programmed it for bad "stimulus" only and tried it out on all levels. Boy, that # 4 button is a real kick in the, ummm, wrist. I think this is gonna work."

I am looking forward to hearing how his training is going!

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