Monday, July 26, 2010

Best Cities for Dogs

The results of this survey were calculated from more than 2,000 readers voting on the Cesar Millan website.

The Results:

#1 San Diego

#2 Austin

#3 New York

#4 Vancouver

#5 Chicago

#6 Denver **

#7 Toronto

#8 Los Angeles

#9 Calgary

#10 Seattle

Top Ten Reasons why fans say these cities are the best:

• Lots of parks

• Pet-friendly restaurants

• Swimming areas (lakes/rivers/oceans) where dogs are allowed

• Training and Activities (Agility, Search and Rescue) for Dogs

• Great Weather

• Tons of resident pet lovers and pet owners

• Hiking and walking trails for dogs

• Lots of “green” areas and open spaces

• Quantity of off-leash dog parks

• Plenty of outdoor activities year-round

• Lots of nature

**Pit Bull ban in Denver

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