Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dog Spa

Today both Ebony, my dog, and I had a new experience.

We went to the Dog Spa also known as K9 Clubhouse in Olympia, Washington.

A very helpful staff assisted us with the self-bathing procedure. First, she put a collar around Ebony's neck which would connect to a hook on the wall at the front of the bathtub. Ebony was guided up the two stairs into the tub which was a few feet off the ground; no need to bend over to bathe her like a bathtub at home. And, she could not run away because she was tethered to the wall. The Spa provides shampoo, gentle face soap which does not sting eyes, ear cleaning solution plus cotton balls, and towels. You can even wear a water poof apron to keep you dry. WOW!

This was the easiest bathing experience I have ever had with any dog. I was able to bathe her with both hands and do a through job. I also took advantage of her being tethered and gave her a good brushing with the furminator when she was dry. We left a great deal of black hair behind. They even provide hair dryers if your dog will tolerate this. I did not even try.

Ebony was not as excited about the Spa as I was, but she did appear to enjoy the treats afterwards.

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