Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Teacup" Pets

"Teacup" Dogs (also known as Toy Dogs) have gotten quite popular in the past few years.

Not only have they become well-liked pets, they also seem to have become fashionable sidekicks. These miniature dogs are in high demand, and typically they are even more expensive than full-sized dogs.

People have gone "Teacup" crazy ... to the point where "Teacup" pets are spreading to other animal species. Teacup Pigs are the latest craze spreading worldwide.

Like Toy Dogs, Toy Pigs (also called Micro Pigs) are much smaller than full-grown pigs - they weigh only about 9 ounces when they are born - and at an average cost of $1,100, they are more expensive than full-grown pigs.

There's been lots of controversy around Teacup Pets primarily because their teeny, tiny size is outside of the norm. Some people believe their small size makes them cute and cuddly, while others believe it's because they're sick, premature, starved or over bred.

What do you think?

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