Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Collars For A Cause

Beautiful beaded and embroidered dog collars are created by Guatemalans not only to promote economic stability, but also to relieve the suffering of street dogs and cats in the highlands of Guatemala.

The collars are made by Mayan craftspeople who benefit by selling their work to Pana Paws whose purpose is to meet the needs of homeless dogs and cats. Their vision is to provide not only a stable source of income to families in Guatemala, but also to help fund an animal program designed to treat the medical needs of the animals, so balance and harmony can exist as the culture and economy of Guatemala continues to develop. They also donate a percentage of the retail sales to Hope for the Animals. Through its integrated programs, Hope for the Animals is raising awareness, reducing overpopulation, addressing public health issues related to overpopulation, and relieving the suffering of animals.

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